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Time: 2020-04-20 Comment:

Nigeria is a country in southeastern West Africa. It is the largest population in Africa and the largest economy in Africa. The country is in a state of rapid development. There is a wide demand for industrial machine tools produced in China. It is a country with great development potential.

Nigeria caustomers bought our machines (lathes, milling machines, machining centers) in 2015. Because of the local location and power restrictions, they have been not in use. This time invited our company's engineers to help them debug and teach them their employees how to use the machine in a safety condition.

In this process, we have always felt that only high-quality products and services can withstand the test of the market. The equipment produced by our company has not been used for three years, and it can operate normally after power-on. The cutting effect is the same as the factory standard. This has won the recognition of customers. Also established a good reputation in the local market.

We believe more and more Nigeria local customers will come to consult and purchase our equipment. Our quality and service will have a good impact on the local market.